Aidan’s 5th Birthday

5 years ago today (7 mins after midnight on April Fools Day to be exact) I had this beautiful baby boy. For whatever reason I get super sentimental on his birthday and spend the whole day on March 31st reliving exactly what I was doing the day I had him (Oh it’s 10:45! I was leaving to go to the hospital. Oh! It’s 4:45, I just had the epidural and was taking a nap). I cannot express how he has completely changed my life and how much love I have for him. A quote by Elizabeth Stone sums up how I feel “To have a child is like having your heart go walking around outside your body”. I find myself tearing up when he accomplishes something very minor (Like this morning when he counted to 100) and I feel a burst of excitement when I come home from work and he runs to the door to see me.

I am feeling a tad bit bummed that he is now 5. I feel like my time of cuddles and kisses is coming to a close. Pretty soon he’s going to be too “cool” for that and I tear up as I write this now. Once I publish this post I’m going to crawl into his tiny twin bed and give him a little snuggle (you know, while I still can)

But birthdays are for celebrating right? And this year was a bit of a milestone and I spent a few weeks preparing. His birthday theme was “Super Mario Bros” and I did a bunch of projects in preparation. But first, the BIG present! I had Aidan cover his eyes and then brought out his brand new bike. Below you can see his reaction to his new wheels.

Next we came inside to open a few more gifts. Bakugans, Cars and Tangled were all big hits.

Next, MY CAKE! It turned out really well and I’m very happy with it. I made my own marshmallow fondant (tutorial coming soon) and then decorated it with colored fondant. It took me 4 hours to decorate (if you don’t count me making the fondant!). It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned but I’m still happy with the results. And if I do say so myself, it tasted pretty darn good 🙂  I also made the kids a bean bag game. Snaps to my mother in law for making the bean bags for the game! She put mario bros characters on each bag! A great touch!

Everyone got a moustache 🙂

All the kids got to take home a coin box filled with (you guessed it!) chocolate coins!

Some close ups of my cake! The figurines are toys. I’m not THAT good molding fondant!

Birthday boy blowing out the candles!

Layla finally woke up from her nap to join the party! 29 more days until this little tyke is 2 🙂 Uh oh, more sentimental crap coming your way…

Also I painted a “Pin the Moustache on the Mario” game  and made some ghosts out of white balloons. I had a big plan to make like 20 of them and hang them on my clothes line….I got two and gave up. Teaches me for starting a project 15 mins before people show up for the party! Heidi also REALLY loved the cake.

I managed to get a picture of all the kids at the party!!!! This has never happened before! Ok, we’re missing one, but nonetheless, it’s not bad!

The moustache picture is my favourite though.

A big thank you to all of Aidans friends who came to celebrate the big 5!

And because this one cracks me up….