Armstrong Dance Academy | Armstrong BC

This past year I scored my dream job teaching dance. I’ve been teaching at Armstrong Dance Academy for a full year now. As a thank you to the owner of Armstrong Dance Academy, the girls and I surprised Susan Bensmiller with a canvas of her students. The shoot was incredibly top secret and it was VERY surprising we were able to keep it under wraps. A bunch of girls in tutus in the middle of the streets usually doesn’t go undetected.  The girls and I met at the train station in Armstrong and went from there. Don’t worry, they wore old shoes…I didn’t make them ruin their good ones 😉

It was so fun to combine my two passions, photography and dance. I can’t take credit for their incredible talent. That goes to Miss Susan.

A huge thank you goes to Leah, Emily, Hannah, Kendyl, Chloe and Clare 🙂 You are all so talented and beautiful.