Barker Family | Coldstream Centennial Park, Vernon BC

Back in 2001 (I think) Adam Barker and I were in Japanese class when he said to me “I wanna ask out Kim”. To that I replied “DO IT!!!” and then hounded him for a week to get on it because he was too chicken. I will never forget the razzing we gave him after she said yes because he had a perma-smile on his face for about a month (it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen actually…just like Kim!). That was 10 years ago…awwwww Now look at them! Married and two beautiful children later. I like to think I made all this possible 😉

The Happy Family

Meet Alivia!

I love this one:)

Daddy’s Girls

Congratulations Adam and Kim on your newest addition! Welcome Alivia!