Fawn’s Trash the Dress | Kelowna BC

One of my closest friends got married this fall. And it was a truly beautiful wedding 🙂 I loved the decor and the menu, and the party wasn’t so bad either 😉

Fawn asked if I would like to do her Trash the Dress photos and I jumped at the chance! Usually I tell my clients to bring a few props…..well Fawn brought one HELL of a prop…(Check the last picture!). I also have to give it up to her and Mike… it was 10 degree’s outside (actually it was probably 8 degrees) and they went INTO the freezing creek. I’m way too much of a chicken to do that myself, so I tip my hat off to you two. Now THATS dedication!

Enjoy and happy one month anniversary Mike and Fawn!


And for the grand finale……..