First Day at the Park ’11 | Vernon BC

Aidan is high energy. I’m a firm believer that he needs to be run like a dog or he goes mental. It’s been a LONNNNG winter and the poor guy has been stuck inside way too long. For some unknown reason Aidan has been running, while throwing his arms above his head and yelling….IN THE MORNING. It drives me insane. I think I spend most of my morning in a fog with my coffee telling Aidan to shut it. I must look like a total treat.

Yesterday was the first day that it was actually bearable to go outside. It was sunny, warm….a perfect spring day. We packed up some snacks, got the kids ready and by the time we got to the park it was no longer sunny and I was freezing cold. But Lee and I stuck it out and let the kids run wild. This was Layla’s first real time at the playground (she’s been too young to actually play on it) and it was hilarious to watch her try and figure it all out. For the longest time she was scared to walk on the playground…I think she thought she was going to fall off. Soon enough she got her bearings and made sure we clapped after every achievement. She also became fearless….great…..

Layla is so happy to be outside she can hardly stand it.

I love the picture of the kids together. I want to get it turned into a canvas….along with about 40 other photos. Also, the picture on the right bums me out. When did he get so big? Does this mean that soon enough he won’t want to hold my hand when we go shopping or that he’s going to start calling me “mom” and not “mommy”? Are my days of unlimited kisses numbered? This picture of Aidan is by far, one of my favourites.

Hey look! Lee’s getting better at using a camera! I’m actually IN a picture! He even asked me how to change the focus point! So proud….

Now I’m way too excited for all the warm sunny days. We all came home a little bit hungry and sleepy. It was lovely. I still couldn’t get Aidan to stop running and screaming though…