Isn’t this a photography blog? YES. Yes it is. But I have found great joy in painting furniture and turning junk into usable junk. So indulge me please.

My latest project was a free dresser from the side of the road. Legs were broken, paint was lifted. BUT IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR. A low, long dresser. And with decorative legs and bottom so it was perfect. I got Bri Bri to pick it up for me, my parents fixed it up, I re-fixed it and painted it to match my side table from Winners. Then I applied wood appliques to the middle drawers and added some sparkly hardware. I took the old hardware and spray painted it ivory, brushed it with the blue paint and then lightly sanded it.

Voila! A brand new dresser 🙂

Paint: $11

Appliques: $30 (gulp)

Crystal Hardware: $12
Photography Vernon

And some of the details. Most of these are iPhone photos!