I grew up in Lumby with about 20 other cousins, 5 of us being girls all born between 1980-1984. We grew up almost like sisters, only living a farm away. My cousin Kerina is a year older than me and was one of my closest friends growing up. We spent many summers on her trampoline, jumping in the rain guns and obsessing about the latest boy band. We were also asked if we were twins-a lot. I never really saw it other than the hair colour, since she’s 6 feet tall, always tanned and has brown eyes. When we both cut our hair short (a la Faith Hill’s album cover) thats when we were asked the twin question weekly and no one believed us when we said no. We weren’t even sisters, “But we’re cousins!!!!” one of us would shout. We also developed that weird same brain thing for a while where we would say the same thing at the same time. Usually it would happen while singing the latest tune from our latest obsession. Over the long weekend Kerina came back to the Okanagan to marry her fiance Lance. The two have a gorgeous daughter together (a perfect blend of the two of them!) and she asked me to be her photographer. Hmmmmm photograph a statuesqe goddess? Sure. I guess so  😉 Lance has been a part of the family for a long time I almost forgot they weren’t married. So Welcome Lance! You stuck around this long, what’s a lifetime right? KL040_1KL039KL106KL125KL139KL146KL151 KL321KL330 KL312 KL311 KL291 KL281 KL278 KL276 KL268 KL260_1 KL256 KL247 KL235 KL228 KL224 KL216 KL212 KL203 KL201