My Birthday Present to myself

I’ve become a little obsessed with painting things around my house. I blame HGTV.  I have slapped white paint on almost everything in my house….headboard, coffee table, hutch and a dresser. I’ve collected a nice little compilation of mis tints and spray paint. It’s become an obsession.

My Uncle gave me this table a few months ago. I like the table itself, but it’s been through the ringer. Lots of chips and scratches. But I thought, hey, it’s free and at least I like how the table looks. “I can always paint it” is probably what I thought when I brought it home.

After a few DIYs under my belt I decided to tackle the table. I had this idea of taking off the top and making my own out of 2×4’s. After some consideration I decided that is WAYYYYYY too much work. My mom and I thought we could just sand the top of the table and it would look very butcher block-ish. Perfect. Seemed easier than making my own top.

I was able to take off the table top and the seats all on my own (girl power!) and took them to my parents house to sand them with my moms palm sander. I had no idea what I was doing, (I’ve never used a palm sander before) but the more we sanded the more excited I got for the final look. Big thanks to Brian for all his hard work as well 🙂

Yesterday I finished my table! Happy Birthday to me 🙂

Taken right before I took all the tops off. Layla had already got to it with a little sander, but it really was pretty messed up.

Layla did not ask me if she could sand the table. But she knows whats what.

Here we go! Sanding the table and seats! I like the idea of them not being perfect. Also helps me be a bit lazy. At one point I drank a beer while Brian sanded 😉

There we go! The seats and the table top have been sanded! It took everything in me not to finish the table that night, but it was dark outside and I couldn’t figure out how I could spray paint the table and chairs in the dark….unless I turned on my car and used the headlight. BUT I RESTRAINED MYSELF.

Next, I stained the tops with a grey deck stain. First I got the tops wet, and then took a wet rag and rubbed the stain on the wood. I don’t think any of that was right and I’m sure anyone who works with stains regularly would tell me I was all wrong, but I wanted it to be a distressed, old barn wood, and I found that straight stain on the wood was turning it opaque grey (like a paint) and I couldn’t see any grain. Tons of water and rubbing got me this final look. I then used poly on the tops once they dried. I used a satin finish the first night, but switched to gloss the next day. (Typical me)

In the morning I sanded one chair, and then primed it. OMG SO MUCH WORK. Then I found a more expensive primer in my inventory and when I used that I found I didn’t need to sand. DONE AND DONE. I’d pay anything not to have to sand another freaking chair.

It was at this point I realized I’M ALMOST DONE!

THE FINAL PROJECT! Here it is! Isn’t she a beauty?

And how it looks in my house. Perfection.