New year, New business!

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I’m writing this blog post as a way of making sure I stick to my guns, and also to announce some changes at Camillia Courts Photography in 2016. I’m so proud of my work this year and I’ve an even better year than I did in 2014. I keep going up and up and I’m thrilled!

I made some mistakes in 2015 that I do not want to repeat in 2016. Although I am entering my 7th year in business, I am still trying to figure out how to navigate being a mom, a business owner and still have a bit of a social life. Owning your own business (especially a photography business) is incredibly rewarding, but can also be isolating. I don’t have co-workers to rely on, I don’t have a boss to pass problems on to (oh wait, thats me!), I don’t have anyone to blame when something goes wrong, and it’s on me if I fail. Which happens. We are human after all. I’m not writing this to complain, just to paint the picture that I am human. Humans make mistakes.

I spread myself way to thin this year. I took on way more than I should have. WAY too much. I spent most of October in tears. I spent the rest of my November chained to the computer, and I spent what should have been the last beautiful day at the beach inside. If I wasn’t shooting this summer, I was editing. I took a week off in July, August, September and October and I still didn’t have a day off. Every day ‘off’ was spent on photoshop. My lovely and loyal boyfriend logged many hours on a chair beside mine at the computer just so he could spend time with me.

I’m so thankful this is my job. So very thankful. But something has to give. I tried to be too many things to too many people. And sometimes I fell on my face. I don’t want to fall on my face in 2016 (My nose still hurts).

As of today, I will no longer be offering mini sessions. I will also not offer any mini session marathons this year. I am going to cut my family sessions to only a few month. I will no longer offer boudoir, cake smashes or maternity photos. I have to do what I’m passionate about and I am sticking to weddings, engagements and families. I hope you can understand my position and why I’m cutting back.

I need to be more present for my kids, my parter and also my clients.

Cheers and thank you!