Thank You Thank You Thank You!!

A while back I made a little blog header for a girlfriend in Toronto. She was getting back into the blogging groove and so I threw in an idea for a new header. No biggie and I had fun doing it. I love her blog. Style, fashion, movies, books, music, art, vintage finds, updates on the royal engagement plus Β she has some great Etsy finds!

Well lookie what I got in the mail???!!!!!!! The beautiful and adorable Mich sent me a thank you gift! What a sweet gesture from a sweet girl πŸ™‚ And she knows me well…I love me some Marilyn!!!!

Visit Adore Cherie here! :

I was a little confused when I got the package in the mail (who the heck sent me a book???), once I saw it was a Marilyn book I knew who it was from…and this note was attached to the invoice πŸ™‚

Beautiful Marilyn holding a camera….how fitting!

I found a perfect place for my new book! Note the books beside it πŸ˜‰

Thank you so much Michelle!! I love it! MUCH LOVE! XOXOXO