Winter Fun with the Courts…

Yesterday I realized we’ve hit that magical time of year when both kids have grown out of their snowsuits and they need a new one…..great. And oddly enough I forget I have TWO kids sometimes and that the cost will double……THANK JEEBUS for Please Mum…seriously. Their Vernon store had a 50% off everything in the store sale…so I snatched these two super cute suits. I adore Layla’s coat and I squealed with glee when I found the last pair of pink snowpants in a 18-24 month size. Oh the little joys when you have kids 😛  To celebrate our new purchases I figured we needed to run off some energy in the yard in our new threads 😉

The kids are lookin pretty excited to be outside…and warm at the same time!

ALLLLLL Layla did was eat the snow. No joke

These pics are pretty cute…Aidan hamming it up and mauling his sister…Layla looking not so impressed….

Love this one…too bad Layla put her head down at the last second. I would have loved to have seen those baby blues

I have no idea what the heck is going on here. Every time I tried to get them in a picture together they’d lay down…

Layla eating more snow, Aidan posing with our yard sign and Layla actually decided to stand instead of lay down eating snow…it didn’t last long

My beautiful baby boy. I just love him. I can’t believe in a few short months he’s going to be 5!

Layla refused to look at me. Turd.

On the left, she actually smiled for me! On the right, that was once again, my attempt at getting a picture of the kids together. Layla layed down and Aidan thew snow in the air….

I don’t really know what’s going on here.

When I asked Layla to smile she stuck her tongue out…On the right is a better picture of the super adorable hat my mother in law made for her!

There’s those eyes! Love how red her cheeks and mouth are from eating all that snow!