Be better.

2014 was such a banner year for me that I feel a lot of pressure to go above and beyond in 2015. Is that going to happen? I guess it depends on how you rate success. Is it the number of weddings you book? Sessions? Is it based on awards or earnings? The answer is different for everybody. For me, the answer is how I’m received. One of my favourite newborn photographers said that the reason she’s so popular is because (in her words) “I don’t act like a jerk”. Excellent point. I hope that my clients leave happy, and that I’ve given them a great experience. No one wants to leave their wedding saying how great the party was but that the photographer “was kind of an ass”. I like to think that I connect with my clients. It’s what I strive for.

I started thinking about how I could further my business this year. I’ve been raking my brain. And then it came to me. I don’t want to “try to do better”. I want to BE better. I don’t want just do things. I want to experience and learn and go. I want to be better. The more I say it, the more of a tongue twister it is. (be better, be better, be better…get it?)

I got out a pen and paper (YES. Actual pen and paper) and made this list:

-Sell the lenses I no longer use

-Buy the lens I’ve been eyeing for a year

-Learn studio lights a little more. Use them. Keep using them

-Play with my flash, annoy my friends

-Try using photoshop without actions. Learn the basics again and move up.

-Have a project to get me out of a creative slump

-No more photos on train tracks

-Stop using my 50mm 100% of the time. Switch up my lenses

-Take more workshops. Travel for them if I have to.

-Reach out more to other photographers. Collaborate?

-Stop taking it all so seriously.

-Bigger space?

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a box. I’m in my own Camillia box. Am I trapped? No. I’ve put myself in the box. I can get out of the box, I don’t don’t really want to. I sometimes let my toes out of the box. Sometimes my whole foot! But the box is comfortable and the box knows me and I don’t know what’s outside of the box. I think it might be time to actually leave the damn box!

So far I’ve started my own project. I’ve taken photos of my daughter in various costumes and I make her into a princess. It’s not a marketing ploy. It’s for my own creativity.  I’ve opened up my own studio (WOAH, thats like a leg out of the box!). I have major plans in place for this year and I’ve let a lot of B.S. go.

There they are, my resolutions for 2015. Or more like a plan. A plan to BE BETTER in 2015.

Please hold me accountable if I haven’t done more of this list by September.

#1 Elsa

#2 Anna

aurora insta

#4 Cinderella