For a full year I said “My goal is to open my own studio next year”.  I’d even say it with spring in my step and a big smile on my face. That was a lie. I didn’t really have any intention of having a studio. The thought was nice, but did I really want to go through the hassle? Not really. I said it because it sounded good and because maybe one day I might have a studio. I realize none of this makes much sense.

However, every time I went to meet a new couple or booked a newborn shoot I was faced with the same problem. I didn’t have a space that was “mine”. I was meeting clients at coffee houses which was fine unless it happened to be a busy day, and then I was scrambling to find a table. Sometimes I’d show up almost an hour before the meeting, hope to find a table, and on a few occasions actually asked people when they were leaving. Embarrassing.

I was photographing newborns in my living room and it worked….until it didn’t. I would have to scrub my house top to bottom, “stage it” as if I didn’t really live there and hope they didn’t open any drawers or cabinets to see the mess I shoved in random places. After Christmas I threw up my hands. It was time. I couldn’t go another year with photo shoots in my house and I couldn’t continue to meet clients in the backs of coffee houses.

One meeting and one showing later, I had my own space.

I got to work painting and decorating. I even booked a shoot the day after I took possession. A huge thank you to Kim Heizmann, Jesse and Jennifer Crowe and Brian Martin. Kim found me the space, Jesse helped me paint (AND I got to photograph his baby girl and his wife the very next day!), and Brian helped with the heavy lifting and put up shelves. Bonus points because he listened to me bitch and moan fairly frequently. Also thank you to Sarah for replying to my many “What do you think of…..” texts and to Tiffany for keeping me company while I painted.

Without further ado! The new space!



Blah. That was too much brown. A little paint will do the trick!2D0A2131




2D0A2990 2D0A2989 2D0A2987 2D0A29852D0A29862D0A2983 2D0A2978 2D0A29682D0A2976 2D0A29722D0A2492FINALLY! STORAGE!!!2D0A2488

iPhone pics! Things are *slightly* different now than this photo. Again, thank you to Sarah for helping with placement and telling me to stop stressing 🙂 image2 image1


I couldn’t be happier to have a place that’s mine. Now my new goal is to have a BIGGER studio in 2016 😉