My brother and his fiance got married in November at a place that I don’t want to mention because last time I did that they got mad. So I’ll just say that it rhymes with “Wales” and “Bait” or Q*uails G*ate… That might work too 😉

It was a really small wedding on an insanely cold day. I served as a guest, the photographer and the witness. It was really exciting for me and I’m really touched my brother asked me to be his witness.

The wedding was held in Allison House (fitting!) And all 17 of us had dinner at the winery. We had a great time and ate and drank and visited. I’m really happy to have Allison as my sister in law.

Congratulations to the both of you!

Huge shout out to Lindsay Wagensveld of Giggles and Gowns photography for being a rad second photographer!

Daddy and his baby girl

My daughter decided to entertain the lot by doing ballet. Something I’ve been BEGGING her to show me and here she is, doing it for strangers….

Ally’s brother, Ally, my brother and I for our obligatory witness photo 😉 (Thanks Lindsay!) And then Drew’s boutonniere fell off. I’m a pro at putting those on. You don’t see me, but 90% of the weddings I shoot, I put the flower on the lapel 😛

My daughter’s work. Thanks to Drew and Ally for being such sports!

Now she’s a model.

BABY LENI! Drew and Ally made this adorable offspring. She’s a delight and I hope to visit her soon.

Allison House

You can’t tell but it was at least -10