Jacqui & Andrew’s Wedding | West Kelowna

Jacqui and Andrew’s wedding at Quails Gate in West Kelowna truly was beautiful. I know that word gets thrown around a lot at weddings and especially on wedding blogs, but without a doubt their wedding truly was special. Everyone was happy, and I don’t believe I’ve ever been so welcomed by a group of people. Heck before the ceremony began I had my picture taken with a guest! But this wedding had a very different vibe than any other wedding I’ve ever been to…there were no jitters, no stressing. Just two people very much in love and excited to be getting married, accompanied by their very supportive friends and family.

I have also never seen a groom so enchanted with his bride. I swear, Andrew (or ‘My Polish Prince’ as Jacqui refers to him…awe…) was incredibly adoring on their wedding day. Always kissing her, touching her, kissing her palm, and I do believe I caught him whispering a few “I love you’s” in her ear. The best part is that I never really had to pose them…. They just oozed love. And to top it off I feel I made a new friend in Jacqui.

So here’s to Andrew and Jacqui-quite possibly the MOST in love couple I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.