Jenny and Mackie Get Married! | Naramata BC

On a beautiful day in July I had the pleasure to photograph Jenny and Mackie’s wedding. I was thrilled to be back shooting in Naramata. Jenny and Mackie were wonderful to work with and I’m not sure I’ve had a more welcoming bridal party. They offered to fetch me drinks and food on more than one occasion 🙂 Jenny definitely has a very supportive family and wonderful friends. So many tears were shed before the ceremony that even I got a little choked up when Jenny’s mom said bye to her as she was leaving for the ceremony.

During the speeches it was very apparent that they are very much loved. All the speeches were heartfelt and very meaningful. Dads speech to his little girl will be one of my all time favourite speeches I’ve heard at a wedding.


I’ve posted too many photos. I know that. I just couldn’t help myself. But c’mon….check out those shoes!!!

Uh, oh….Marilyn forgot her speech….She’s not adjusting, she’s desperately trying to find it!