Keepsake Signature Sessions

Starting spring 2016, I will be offering Keepsake Signature sessions for a limited time (March 1st-June 1st). This is an exclusive opportunity to have your child photographed in my signature style. All photos will be fully edited for background, light and extras.

Due to the nature of the session there are lots of questions so please take a look before booking!


Are these Disney Inspired Sessions?

These are not actually a part of the keepsake signature sessions. I have a collection of Disney photos that were created for my daughter, but these are not yet available widely. The keepsake signature sessions are a beautiful option though that do give a magical feel, while still giving you a classic portrait of your child that will stand the test of time as art in your home. If you’d like to chat further about these sessions and how we can do something magical for your child, please let me know!

How much and what is included with the session?

Sessions start at $299, 3 full edited images.

Upgrades are available for $75 per image and a $50 per hour editing fee (applies for upgrades only.)

Extra children is $150 per child

Where will the sessions take place?

Sessions will take place at my preferred outdoor location. It is also possible to have the photos taken at your home on the grass in your yard. Due to the finicky Okanagan weather, sessions may also be held at my studio, downtown Vernon. Sessions are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

What does a Keepsake Signature Session look like?

A keepsake signature session isn’t like a regular family session. The goal is a more artistic approach, less “cheese” and more emotion. The session could last anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on co-operation. There are a set of standard backgrounds to work from, and photographs beyond that are available for an extra charge.

What makes this different than your other sessions?

With a Keepsake Signature Session, I will be fully editing the images. Background, wardrobe, props, light, and even animals could be edited into the image.

What to wear?

The bigger the dress, the better. I have a few dresses to lend if needed, but it is a preference to use your own. Large ballgowns look best. Please no logos or characters on the children’s clothing. Hair and makeup isn’t necessary, but a clean face and clean hair is required. A stylized approach to wardobe is preferred.

For boys, clean neutral clothing is best. No sneakers, characters or neon prints.

How old must my child be?

Sessions start for ages 5-15.

Can you put a dragon and a boat and a tiger in my photos?

Maybe. All artistic decisions are made by myself, Camillia Courts and although I’m happy to take suggestions, I cannot guarantee your daughter will be riding a dragon, on a boat, holding a tiger.

How long until my photos are done. 

Each photo takes a minimum of 1-2 hours of editing, so please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


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