Kerina’s Baby Bump | Lumby BC

My cousin Kerina is due to have her first baby in September. She lives about 12 hours from me so when she came for a visit we made plans to take some pictures of that beautiful belly. Not only does Kerina photograph like a dream, she was perfectly pregnant 🙂 We had way too much fun out in the grass, and I’m ashamed to say I may have clung to her arm for dear life when I saw a snake (Did you get any bruises Kerina?). Seriously if it had been coming toward us I would have ditched her and just ran. I’m the worst.

Big thank you goes out to our Auntie Sheila for (once again) letting me use her property for photos 🙂

Hands down, the photo on the left will be on my new MOO business cards.

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!

Growing up Kerina and I always got mistaken for twins. I never saw it. She’s like 3 feet taller than me, totally different body shapes, she has brown eyes, I have blue eyes (I mean, we’re both beautiful, but c’mon)…It wasn’t until I saw the picture on the right on my computer that I was like “HOLY CRAP! WE DO LOOK ALIKE!”

Horses just seem to find me. I must have a gift.

Congratulations Kerina and Lance! I can’t wait to meet him/her! I know you two will make fantastic parents.