Layla’s 2nd Birthday {Vintage Cowgirl}

2 years ago I gave birth to my very own baby girl. I had all sorts of hopes and dreams that she’d want to play with barbies and like girlie things like ponies and shoes. Well, so far she has not disappointed. Layla is all about anything pink and sparkly. She LOVES kitty’s and horses. She especially likes her dolls and babies. Layla is tad dramatic. I have no idea where she gets this from. After 3 years of boy, it’s been an absolute pleasure having a girl. I love how different she is from her brother. I love how happy she is to see Aidan and how upset she is to see him go. I love how her lips are forever a dark pink, and how her eyes take up the majority of her face. I love how I’ll find her talking to her toys, and I love how she will hug me for no reason. I can almost tolerate the tantrums. I love her giggle and I REALLY love the kisses.

For her 2nd birthday we decided to have a cowgirl birthday! We rounded up all our favourite cowpokes and had a hoedown at the Courts Ranch. My mother in law made these fantastic hobby horses for the kids, and Charlene Beer from Fairytale Faces came out and did some incredible work on the kids! I cannot talk more highly of her! She was absolutely fantastic! I urge you to visit her blog at and book her ASAP! You won’t regret it. I think she made the party.

Major snaps go out to my cousin Chris for braving a raging case of hay fever to bring me some hay bails from my uncles farm. And a huge thank you to all of our friends and family who came out to celebrate!

***Not all photos are by me. My mom was there snapping away too! All photos with a * at the comment are courtesy of Bev Charest

*Layla, already having a great time on her birthday!

Two of the cutest little lady’s around!

Birthday Girl 🙂

*Layla’s WANTED poster reads “WANTED for CRIMES including mischievous grins, wild child antics and being a sneaky sister”

The kids all got a bag of Cowpoke Party Mix

I’m not sure what was so funny, but Layla and Heidi had a conversation that pretty much all consisted of giggles. Aidan wants you to know that his horse is “Square”, Layla’s holding “Princess” and Heidi is holding “Jumper”. Aidan is excellent at naming animals.

*See? All giggles. Layla is a big Heidi fan.

Charlene the face painter extraordinaire!

Miss Jorja’s beautiful butterfly

My mother in law found these excellent balloons!

Let me say I was not surprised in the least that Aidan chose Spiderman

Half way there!

How great is she!? He refused to take it off and he keeps asking me to bring up these pictures. I love the spider between his eyes.

*The Happy Birthday banner I made for Layla. It’s supposed to look like handkerchiefs. Please humour me and tell me it does. Also, it cost me 1$ to make!

Dayton chose a super scary one. I’m not sure what to call it, but I like it!

I think he likes it too!

Look at this kitty! How sweet….

Heidi was very specific. She didn’t want a kitten, she wanted a cat.

*My Before and After 🙂

The Crew with their faces all done!

Marla’s Hobby Horses. I’m pretty sure these are going to get a lot of use out of them!

Heidi and her mama. Major snaps to Tiffany for getting in the spirit! 😉 I don’t think many friends would be that dedicated xoxo

Layla’s cake! Ya, not as elaborate as Aidans, but for good reason. I needed a friggin RMT massage after Aidans cake. So for the sake of my back, Layla’s got toned down just a tad.

*One of the youngest party goers!

Always a lady….enjoying a piece of cake

*My birthday girl and I. Happy Birthday to my little peanut. Mummy loves you.