My Daughter is an Artist

I love Emily Giffin’s books. I read “Something Borrowed” in 2004 by chance. I had a few minutes to kill before work so I thought I’d grab a Starbucks at Chapters and somehow came across her book. I read a few pages and was completely hooked. At the time I was a waitress in a bar (oh those were the days!) and ended up reading a few chapters in the kitchen on my break. I remember the cook saying “Ummm did you know you’re reading at the BAR???” Ugh, ya smart ass. I’m well aware.

Anyways, I have her beautiful colorful books nicely lined up on my shelf which I realize is just high enough for my youngest to reach. Ahhh I should have known.

Layla is apparently, an artist. Look what I caught her doing today:

Seriously where does an 18month old find a pen??? Do you know how many phone messages/client bookings I’ve had to write down recently and I’ve had to literally write them in PENCIL CRAYON because I cannot find a pen to save my life in this house!?! And look who finds one…. The baby. Again, I should have known. And of all the Emily Giffin books she chose to decorate, she HAD to pick the one that was a wedding present. When I caught her I said  “*GASP!* OMG LAYLA!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?!?!?!” To which she dropped the pen, ran like the wind to her bedroom and promptly came back with a goofy smile wearing these glasses. Ya ok kid. You won….I thinks she knew I couldn’t be mad at her while wearing those things. She’s a smart one that kid….

Just look at her….”who me?”