The Truth about The “Princess Photos”

Hello everyone! First I want to mention that I never blog, so this is a big deal. AND when I do seem to blog I have something to say. So here I am about to say it. I’m also very nervous about it.

I want to tell you the truth about the princess photos. There have been a lot of misconceptions about our princess photos and although 90% of the comments from around the globe have been overwhelmingly positive, there are a select few that have made it their mission to complain, assume and tear down our project. Not surprising, There are internet trolls everywhere. We never expected to make everyone happy, but we have also made a mission to not read the comments. Its too upsetting sometimes. But there are some things I want to clear up.

The biggest misconception about our princess photos is that I am making a ton of money. My goodness how I wish that was true. TruthBomb #1: I haven’t made a single penny off the photos. We have not been paid for features, interviews or videos. I’m not making money on YouTube or Instagram either. To be featured is such an honour and to see so many people loving our work is INCREDIBLE! But just because the followers goes up, doesn’t mean that I am seeing any rewards. And it’s had the opposite effect on my bookings.

No one is booking me anymore. Can you believe that? My followers have skyrocketed and my bookings have plummeted. I am assuming it’s because of a few different reasons. If you were to visit my Facebook page, you’d see my business page is filled with Princess sessions. So that’s working against me. But without any engagements, families or weddings to shoot, I can’t promote those sessions either. So while my profile has gone up, my bookings have gone down and I fear that I am now known as “The Princess Photographer” and am no longer thought of as your family photographer, which is what I still love to do! I want to continue to photograph your family!

A major misconception is that my daughter is forced to do these photos, which is 100% not true. I don’t force her into these sessions. We plan them together, she loves to dress up and we have a great time doing it. If she wanted to stop tomorrow, I would. If it’s still fun for her, it’s fun for me, and there is no way I’d want to do this without her.

Same goes for those who say I’m using her to further my own career. I’m not sure if those who say that have noticed that photographers are constantly using their own kids/families for promotion.¬†How often have you seen a photographer use her kids in an orchard and then promote a mini session? It’s the same, however, mine doesn’t have a price tag attached to it. Remember how I’m not making any money from the sessions?

The princess photo project is such a fun and creative way to spend time with my daughter and so something for myself as well. I am so happy with every session we’ve done and every picture we’ve posted. To see it take off is both terrifying and exciting, but I certainly never started this for that purpose. I am still the same photographer I was last year (except with better photoshop skills) and I want to continue to photograph your families, your kids, your wedding and the loves in your life.

I look forward to seeing your smiling faces, and thank you for reading this!